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Preventing vitamin- and mineral deficiency with complete foods

Consuming all your vitamins and minerals is something we expect everyone to be doing perfectly, right? But many of us are actually deficient in micronutrients.

What do Soylent and other meal replacements taste like?

Futuristic shakes that contain all the nutrients your body needs. That can't be tasty right? That is how many people start a conversation about Soylent or other complete meal shakes. Well, they couldn't be more wrong.

Lifehack Your Food

We've been eating about the same way as our great-grandparents. Heck, even almost the same as people in Roman times. Sure, there is the microwave and we've gotten quite good at making McNuggets. But still, it cost us many hours a day to feed our bodies.

The Amazing Flavors of Queal

What makes Queal stand out in relation to other meal shakes, complete foods, and/or soylent-eske alternatives is the wide variety of flavors. Which is… huge! We put lots of time and dedication into developing a smooth and creamy vanilla, super delicious strawberry and cool chocolate as best as possible.

Complete Foods versus Normal Foods

What sets nutritionally complete foods apart for your 'normal' every day meal? And are they not only more convenient, but also healthier?

Making your commute 50 points easier!

Commuting to work and back can be quite the hassle. With Queal we will make that 50 points easier! Say what, 50 points? Continue reading to discover what it means!

What is Soylent?

We dive into the history of Soylent (Rosa Labs), soylent (the concept), and Complete Foods (product category). First we visit the 60's, we see what different types of complete there are, and take a peak into the future.

Soylent and Queal compared

What are the differences and comparisons between the two popular Complete Foods. We look at the nutritional labels, the types of products, flavors, and pricing of the two companies.