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Quick and convenient nutrition that's good for you.

Queal (quick meal) was born out of our frustration that we couldn’t buy a quick meal that was also very healthy. We wanted to create something that was quick to make, but also good for you. We decided to look at food in a different way. Not as meals, but as nutrition.

Super Quick

100% nutrition, 0% time wasted.
Free up time to work.

Simple Nutrition

Basic ingredients, perfectly balanced.
Get all your body needs without needing a diet plan.

One and Done

No more dishes.
Just rinse (and repeat).

Of course, you can take the time to make a healthy and proper meal yourself. But hey, be honest, do you always find the time to do so? For those moments when you don’t have the time and want something better to eat, we’ve got your back. Our meals are quick and complete. You’ll be ready for anything the day brings you.

No fuss. No worries. Just healthy food in a shake.

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Super quick.

Queal products are designed to be convenient. Grab a shake for breakfast or lunch and save yourself a lot of time! Time which lets you focus on what really matters; doing whatever you’re passionate about. Spend more time with family, get work done, or crush it at the gym. By making a small part of your life easier, you’ll be able to do so much more!

Simple nutrition.

The building blocks of Queal are all natural ingredients you are familiar with. Oats, beets, corn, soy, milk, and sunflower oil combined into a fine powder. We’ve added a custom micronutrient blend to ensure each meal meets 33% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Find out about all four of our recipes here.

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One and Done.

Chores are, well, a chore. Cut back on doing the dishes, and trips to the grocery store. By replacing meals with a shake, you’re simplifying your life.

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