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The Amazing Flavors of Queal

What makes Queal stand out in relation to other meal shakes, complete foods, and/or soylent-eske alternatives is the wide variety of flavors. Which is… huge! We put lots of time and dedication into developing a smooth and creamy vanilla, super delicious strawberry and cool chocolate as best as possible. As our customer base consist of different people with different preferences: Queal has quite some distinct flavors. We love to serve you with quick, complete and customizable meals in various flavors. Read on to discover your favorite.

Smooth Vanilla
For the lovers of smooth and creamy! Everyone who likes to keep it simple but delicious: our vanilla flavor is here to rescue you. A rich taste that is sweet but definitely not too sweet, no wonder Smooth Vanilla is our absolute bestseller.

Cool Chocolate Sucker for chocolate? Obviously, this flavor will be your perfect choice. The better option to satisfy your cravings: pleasant and divine but obviously the healthier choice (we’re looking at you Ben&Jerry’s).

Awesome Apple Pie
The taste of Dutch’ famous Apple Pie in a quick and healthy meal shake, what a time to be alive! A yummy taste of baked apple, creamy cake batter and a hint of cinnamon: this flavor definitely lives up to its name.

Chocolate Hazelnut Happiness
A match made in heaven… for the lovers of a rich and nutty taste. Combining chocolates sweetness with an earthy hint of hazelnuts.

Banana Mania
When we first tasted this flavor ourselves, we went bananas. Literally crème de la crème when it comes to our fruity variations, mellow with a little sweet note. Try not to make the minions jealous.

Funky Forest Fruit
The name says it all, forest fruit funky style. This taste of red-fruits champions will surely get you into that summer state-of-mind. For those wanting a fruity flavor, but like it a little extraordinary.

Super Strawberry
The king of juicy goodness: our Super Strawberry. Called super because… well… it’s super delicious. Lover of sweet and accessible? This taste is made just for you