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Making your commute 50 points easier!

Commuting to work and back can be quite the hassle. With Queal we will make that 50 points easier! Let's say that the hassle of your morning commute costs you 100 life points you won't ever get back. With Queal we want to give you 50% back.

Sleep in (10 points)
Getting up for work is always too early. So sleep in with Queal. A shake takes no more than 5 minutes to make (and drink). You've never been able to sleep in this long before.

Prep no more (10 points) Doing groceries (and doing them again because you forgot 1 thing) is quite the headache. With Queal you have to prep no more, not in the supermarket, not at home. Even when you're on the road, just take some powder with you and have a complete meal at any time.

Forget about breadcrumbs (10 points)
So, you're finally on your commute to work. And you've just defended your car from a rat plague that wants sooooo badly to eat the breadcrumbs in your car. Or remember that time you spilled a milkshake all over the car? Well that is ancient history. With an easy shaker you're now guaratheed a clean ride.

Full of energy (10 points)
Cereals give you energy fast, but not for long. Going out the door without breakfast is probably not the best idea. And getting something at Starbucks, will that really satisfy you? A shake during your commute will give you energy for the hours following it.

Deliciously flavored (10 points)
Eating the same thing every morning can become very boring. So change it up, with a choice of 7 flavors, you can have something different every morning. Start the week with some Banana Mania. End it with some Cool Chocolate. You get to choose! (you can even choose to have Cool Chocolate every morning!)