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Complete Foods versus Normal Foods

We as Queal are in the market of complete foods, which is a name for food that is nutritionally complete and effective in both costs and usage. Basically, you could say that with complete foods (complete food shakes at least) you never have to eat again. One bag of our Steady powdered meals is enough for three complete servings, which is equal to one day of eating.

Of course, everyone can decide their Queal consumption ratio. Some use it for breakfast or for a quick lunch at the office, others like to replace all their meals. Either way: Having Queal means you’ll have the option for a meal that has a healthy ratio of macro- and micronutrients. Generally said, complete foods are - in any case - the better option over other foods.

Well, let’s start with the reason the term came into being. As we are facing serious nutrition problems: food shortage through overpopulation and/or global warming, diabetes, obesity or either malnutrition linked to an unbalanced diet and so on, innovative solutions are highly needed. With complete food, we approached food in a scientific way: As nutritional building blocks. From there, Queal was designed with not only exactly what you need in terms of health but also in an environmental and convenient way. We produce the ingredients, packaging and supply chain in a very effective way.

Drum roll.... Then, complete foods are... well… complete. Unless you’re a nutritionist and/or blessed with the vast amount of time to exactly measure out the nutritional properties of each given meal: you can’t be 100% sure to meet ALL aspects of the recommended daily amount of everything a human body needs to function.

But what about my salad?
You can eat healthy meals, that’s right. But you can’t live off the same healthy meal day in day out without creating a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency. If you’d compare a salad in its healthy way possible, with a Queal Steady shake: The salad will certainly provide you with some vitamins/minerals but it simply can’t give you all of them. Steady does, it makes sure you’ll meet up to your bodies daily nutritional goals in the easiest way possible.

Complete for everyone
You might think complete food is only meant for single workaholics. Well, that’s a misunderstanding. At Queal, we cut back on the basics in as well the ingredients as in packaging (three whole meals in one 20 x 30 cm bag). Which means it can be an attractive option to those interested in health and environment.

Also, the very limited amount of preparation time and compactivity of complete food meals make them an easy option for when you’re busy, on the road or both. And last but not least: Queal is meant to fit a person’s nutritional goals. Which means that it’s personally customizable. Feeling hungry? Just add an extra scoop. Or leave some out when you’re in between lunch and dinner but need a little extra.

For anyone who needs a complete meal, there is Queal!