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Complete meals that contain all the nutrients you need.
Replace any meal you like, and get more out of your day!
One minute shake = one complete meal!

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A reliable meal for anywhere

A Queal Shake is easy to take to the office, drink in the car, or for coding away. Never again stress about your next meal.

It's made from quality ingredients. Oats, soy, corn, and whey are the natural building blocks of Queal. Essential vitamins & minerals are added to make a Queal Shake complete.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can get a Queal Shake. Meals starting at $3. Save more with a subscription for even better deals.

Queal Ready Taste Tester Flavours
Queal Ready Taste Tester Bags

Taste Tester

If you are new to Queal, the Taste Tester is the perfect way to start. For only $59,- you will enjoy 21 complete meals and find out which flavors you like most. The Taste Tester gives you a selection of 7 amazing flavors .

($1,61 per 400kcal)
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Queal is the perfect quick meal. Each meal provides complete nutrition. Mix the powder with water and enjoy the various great flavors. First order comes with free shaker and scoop.

Queal Bag Blue


Alban Gruget Testimonial

Michel, Canada
"Not being a morning person at all, I used to skip breakfast pretty regularly. Queal has stopped that bad habit in its tracks. Quick, easy, and delicious...I'll never skip breakfast or lunch again."

Alban Gruget Testimonial

Nicolas, France
"Have been using Queal for more than two years now: both the powder and bars have become a staple of my diet."

Alban Gruget Testimonial

Charlie, Denmark
"Does its job perfectly. Been a user over 2 years now and like that Queal makes an effort in showing that they constantly improve themselves over time, seeing first hand their improvements over these 2 years. And now WundrBars too, this I like!"

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